Follow The Sound

It’s strange how music can send you so far away. You can be at home, in the bed you know like the back of your hand, but once the headphones are on and your eyes slide closed, you’re gone. You are free to follow the sound. You walk along through paths you may not recognise but just one note of familiarity can change your surroundings. Where have I heard that before? Old memories appear out of haze, barely visible behind the shroud. When did you last visit here? Close your eyes again. Let the rhythm remind you. Step forwards without worry of finding that place, because if you look you cannot find it, it no longer exists. The noise is new now, no matter how similar it may seem, and it will not lead you down the path to the past. Take another step and feel sand underfoot. The bass comes in like a quick tide, pulling you in and holding you for just a second. It fades but the freedom is short-lived, it takes hold again and you find yourself in it’s swaying limbo. To fight it is to ruin the chance to be held there, if only for awhile, within the song. Inhale, and when the moment goes do not grasp at it, let it slip. You’ll find your way back here.

A quick piece I wrote this evening that started off with a couple of lines I had in my notes. I’ve been writing a few music themed bits and bobs recently and they can be pretty challenging sometimes but I’m having fun writing them.

I was listening to Sunday (klangkarussell Remix) by Max Manie when I wrote this, which I hadn’t listened to before, and it changed where I was going with this completely, but it made it a much better experience to write. It’s rare but sometimes I end up finding a new song halfway through writing something and it just spurs me on to finish it or take it in a new direction and even if they don’t turn out the best, those moments in writing are one of the great things about writing, for me anyway.


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