Write on Wednesday – Goodbye For One

Goodbye For One
Did you see the spark I saw? 
Brilliant, blinding 
I didn’t flinch, neither did you 
but maybe I didn’t shine 
as bright 
in relation. 
Enough to intrigue 
and perk the curiosity 
to come closer 
and make your 
But from there your reaction 
caused caution, 
pulling back in fear 
with eyes brimming 
of hesitation. 
Devastation mirrored back 
through mine and even 
when I tried communication 
you declined, 
only feeding my fixation. 
So what am I supposed to do 
when the only option with my infatuation 
is to concede or to fight through this 
rejection, a retaliation 
in hope I could be 
your exception.
The picture prompt is by Umberto Verdoliva and part of his collection entitled “bi, double, twins…”.

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