Write on Wednesday – Cracked

Listen to the reading here.


Echoes of songs are dragged by strong winds,
rag tag lyrics from an evening elsewhere
kidnapped and brought to you,
dear listener.

Tales of New York and a better life for me and thee
like a moth we are drawn to the flames
the lanterns of hope held on fishing poles,
taunting us.

Hold the bulbs up to the light and see how cracked they are
flawed and leaking dreams,
hope washes out
again and

And when those cracked bulbs break we aren’t gonna be there
collapsing in a city of chaos because
we won’t be drawn in.
We are stronger than that,
aren’t we?

We can resist all those words, melting off a slick tongue
we can turn down those luxurious words
Can’t we?
But our ears are drunk on promises and dreams and,
yet again,
we are being lead
starry eyed
and mumbling
of all those dreams,
all those dreams
coming true
under a light
we know
will fall, one day,
into darkness.

Write on Wednesday is finally back! I hoped to start back up again two weeks ago but the start to my third year at uni has been pretty hectic. So, here’s a longer poem to start it up again. To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of writing long poems but I’ve been working on this one for a little while now and I like how it’s turned out. Any comments are welcome!

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