Write on Wednesday – An Army of Ten

An Army of Ten

They tell a tale of an army of ten
known only as the creators
who ride together, but apart.

Two platoons of five
each with their general
each a mirror of one another.

Always aware of the others actions,
receptive to their thoughts,
linked by more than friendship, than battle.
A loyalty than cannot be bought.

To battle, to build, to make and to destroy,
The power of life and death.
These two platoons, these hands of mine
help me make that choice.


One thought on “Write on Wednesday – An Army of Ten

  1. Starting with the Spartans, ever so clever … I like it. This has the makings of a great poem, Ryan … and I hate to keep saying it, but praise from an English teacher, (even an American one) is praise indeed. Honestly, you’re bursting with talent. Are you at Uni in Britain? Because if not, apply to get your B.A. from NYU or Columbia. I’ll support you all the way. New York University is more progressive and enlightened; Columbia is our Cambridge .. but then so is Yale. Harvard is our Oxford.


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