Write On Wednesday – Sacrificial Cigarette

Sacrificial Cigarette

It’s typical, so utterly predictable. The second you light a cigarette at any bus stop in England, your bus will turn up in less than sixty seconds. But growing up here, you realise England is well and truly governed by Sod’s Law. Some call it Murphy’s, some call it Finagle’s but really it can happen to any old sod. And if there was any way to describe me, that sums it up pretty well. Your typical sod, and like all of my kind, I feel like I’m the unluckiest man in the world. If I forget my coat, it rains. If I’m early, everything else is late. Honestly, if there was twenty quid on the floor the chances of me slipping on it and landing on my arse is much higher than me ever picking it up. That’s life ain’t it? No favorites and no prisoners. But really, that’s no way to live.

I’ve only done one these short pieces but there’s been a lot poetry on here, so here’s something different. Hoping to do more of these 150-200 word short pieces of fiction so let me know what you think.

Image by Erixxfoto


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