Polished Thoughts – Poetry Portfolio

Listen to the reading here.

Polished Thoughts

The sound of stuttering,
blubbering and the grating
of stalling for words
sticks more in the mind
of careful thoughts
broadcast through the filters.

The compulsiveness of conversation
and the action-reaction of Q&A
shows something, something behind the words,
or the lack of
if jaws hang slack and empty.

But who needs the pressure?
Who want’s to be put on the spot
and be forced, cornered into a response,
laden with expectation and
offenceless judgement.

No, no that isn’t how this world works now
because we can think, and we can edit and draft and filter and critique
and then, only then, can we broadcast our thoughts
perfectly constructed in pseudo-spontiunity
in less than one-hundred-and-forty characters.

I’m sorry for the lack of, well, anything on this blog for a while but working on my final assignments for uni has pretty much taken over at the moment. I’m going to posting some of the poetry for my final portfolio here though every other day until I run out of poems but apart from that, I doubt there will be many updates until after my deadlines in May.

My poetry portfolio will be focusing on language, mainly the contrast between how we use it in real life conversation and how we use it online, be it speaking to someone or updating social media. I’m hoping to explore the expectations between the two and how social pressures and expectations differ between these methods of interaction.


5 thoughts on “Polished Thoughts – Poetry Portfolio

  1. ” pseudo-spontiunity” – oh man, I can talk VOLUMES on this! Great to see your poems again, and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest! Any plans to record them, by chance?


  2. Thank you! Hopefully you’ll like the rest too, and I’m going to be putting up the readings of each one within a day or two of posting the poem. Aiming to get back to regular updates after May 🙂


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