One in a Billion (Trenches)

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One in a Billion (Trenches)

Nevermind all this speculation
of what the world thinks
of one in the sea of millions,
another tweet lost amongst the masses
and think about how little each of those readers
even care to take the time to hear the words,
to think about them, to care, to share them,
and is it worth the worrying?
Are we stressing ourselves over a situation
only we care about, because obviously
as the main character in our own lives,
why wouldn’t anybody care?

But instead of wondering about how
many people care, how many don’t,
we should sonder and take stock
of all these other lives, with which we only notice
when they relate to us,
ignoring all these stories as they are made,
daily, constantly around us beyond
our care and interest.

We’ve dug this trench to lay in alone
and as the judging eyes peek over
and whisper all this imagined cynicism,
we ignore all the other trenches around us,
full of the trapped souls, locked in their own
self-centered worlds.

Already missed out on posting poems so here’s two, both from my poetry portfolio to be submitted in May.


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