Territorial Screaming Grounds – Poetry Portfolio

Territorial Screaming Grounds

So quick is conversation
that if you don’t jump head-first into the rally,
you can be lost at the side lines,
listening closely as your neck begins to ache.

Such strong characters and voices
throwing their own as high as they can
to try and win the battle
as your hands creep to your ears
and your vision fades to black.

But you can’t shut out the shouting,
the giant pissing contest we must suffer with daily,
each day getting louder, hammering the skull
again and again, unaware of all the cracks showing.

This noise is unbearable, so engulfing of mind
and soul, of thought and even when you scream
your final death rattle, who can even hear?

But even if the most important words whispered
are as clear as those roared from over-used mouths,
it seems like no one could even hear a whisper
when our ears work to tune out these brutes of conversation.

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