Prehistoric Technosaurs – Poetry Portfolio

Prehistoric Technosaurs

To think that being born before the Internet
will become such a small minority
is insane, madness
Can you believe it?
Can you still imagine a modern world
where we couldn’t talk
to another across the globe,
at any time, in any place
and see their faces,
hear their laughs
and still feel so distant,
so far away that talking online
with someone downstairs
feels like a world away,
because we don the masks
of our internet personas,
another faceless voice behind the screen
that gains a power we so often abuse
as we lost sight of morals
and social etiquette,
believing that this gives us freedom
to say anything without consequence,
without an impact on another faceless voice,
a voice we can’t hear sobbing,
crying, drowning under
a digital tide that sweeps their feet
from under them,
leaving them to dangle
and sway softly in the air.

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