Brief Retreat – Poetry Portfolio

Brief Retreat

I still believe I could never
grasp the full impact of language,
as each sentence, arranged in countless different ways,
and how words are wrote, how you say them so softly,
how they can be sang with so much
emotion, so much depth that as much as I try
I can never see the bottom,
so who am I to say there is one?

I close my eyes in a room already wrapped in darkness
and let my thoughts drift away from me,
feeling so detached from flesh I’ve called me forever,
and I could never describe that feeling
of being away from yourself,
merely hanging in the air and grasping
with a fingerless reach at lyrics
never meant for me,
never meant for you,
but meant for us all
and that is when the loneliness can either die
or burn like you’ve never felt its touch before.

Because floating amidst the music, who am I to say I’m alone?

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