The Soul of Conversation – Poetry Portfolio

The Soul of Conversation

Talking with spoken words
can sometimes bring out the beauty
of our spontaneity, showing ourselves
though the little flicks of idiolect
and our tells of lip biting, chin scratching
and where our eyes focus or dash to,
each revealing ourselves,
showing ourselves in this private moment.

With the care to notice
and an eye for all these things which make us us,
you can learn so much,
and find that these bland characters
which I now write, and you now read
shows nothing of character.

The tone of poetry can never replicate
the tone of voice, nor can texts
substitute our tells,
until we speak the words aloud
and you see the words spoken
and then you see
what a person can look like,
with flesh and depth
that words can only hope
to capture and convey.

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