Everyday Hypocrite – Poetry Portfolio

Everyday Hypocrite

Even after all I’ve spoke and wrote
of language and it’s shortcomings, it’s vastness
and the beauty of it, how it can bring us together,
I still hide behind these filters,
I still hold my tongue, in favour of pleasing words,
I think too much before I speak so
I never say what I truly feel,
and instead of showing myself in these daily cycles
of conversation, I hold these talks in my own head,
complete with put downs
and quick witted jokes at my own expense.

No, I’m not following my own advice,
these thoughts that often would not make it to tounge
are now staring back with at me seering eyes,
daring me to read them,
again, again
and lodge somewhere in my head,
leaving little room for unsaid words
and chances missed,
because to seize the day we must express ourselves,
show our friends and families that we were not cast
in the mould, nor is anyone
but the masks we wear seem mass produced,
as each unique person wears
an identical smile.

2 thoughts on “Everyday Hypocrite – Poetry Portfolio

  1. Very nice. Very insightful, well written words. I could relate..I am forcing myself to say what I need to say these days. Its getting easier bit by bit. People are respecting me for it. Others, who were used to previous complacency, are getting used to the new words, the new way. Even there, there has been positive changes. Thank you for the poem.


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