Much better on paper than in person

My name is Ryan Luke Thacker and I’m a 21 year old widely unknown writer.

I am current studying Creative Writing at Edge Hill University and I am in my final year, meaning that after this I get dropped head first into the big bad world. At least it’s easy to become a successful and vastly wealthy author, right?

This blog contains updates about my writing as I send endless amounts of work to anyone I can, and wade through the equal (or hopefully a little less than equal) amount of rejections. I’ll also post a few bits and bobs of my own writing, my life, and every week I’ll be doing Write On Wednesdays (Postponed) which will include a piece of creative writing that I have either wrote for W.O.W or a piece that I’ve worked on previously but never published. This is only because I get to email my work to myself  and send a glowing reply stating that it will be published on my own site, because it’s nice not to get a rejection every once in a while.

I also recorded myself reading my poetry. If you want to give it a listen, just click here.


50 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ryan it is good to meet you I am always delighted and surprise to get a new follow. Thank you for dropping in and liking my blog enough to follow. I shall look forward to reading your blog I love Music too and I know what you mean about closing my eyes and following it down the path.


  2. Thank you, Ryan for visiting and following my blog. The best to you, your writing and your schooling. We all have our share of rejection letters, so don’t let them get you down. Just pick up from where you left off the last time and move forward. There’s lots of supporters out there. 🙂


  3. Thank you Ryan for visiting my blog. I have returned the favour and will now follow yours!remember with all writing persistence and practice is the key tp developing your skills & read, read, read, read & read more…


  4. Hello Ryan! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the like ^^
    My very first impression when I visited this blog was “captivating!” mainly because of the picture on the left heehee.
    But I read a few of your poems and I loved them ^^ looking forward for more of your works!


  5. Hello Ryan. Thanks for the follow. I checked out your recorded poetry on Soundcloud. I like the rhythm and pacing of it. Very cool. And I like that you post something on this site every Wednesday. The frosty picture to the left is fantastic, by the way. -Jack


  6. Haha!!! Hey Ryan, so great to know I am not the ONLY extremely talented, famous (at least in every single person’s subconscious mind at this very moment) writer out there. It’s nice to meet you, it was such a lonely world, now maybe we can write amazing letters to one another rather than me just ending with anonymous because sending love letter type responses to myself was getting a little creepy anyway 😉


  7. Wow … I listened to two poems and I thought you sounded fabulous. I actually went to university in England (Trinity College Cambridge, and have a nicely useless D.Phil). England taught me, an American to the core, how to think differently … to challenge authority with action and not just words, it taught me how to fall in love and then it broke my heart. I’m truly glad I found your blog. I think some of your comments above are, if you will allow me to say it, rather iffy, Ryan. Be careful. I’m a New Yorker … and I know a bit about the world.

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  8. Ryan, I love your enthusiasm–you have a bright future ahead of you. I wish I had begun writing early in my lifetime, as you have. Much luck–enjoy the journey (rejections and all) and keep at it. Thank you for following me.


  9. You’re still (too) young (I envy your youth) you have plenty of time and opportunities to be what you want to be. Life is never ending process and there is always a room for improvement. I wish you the very best in life, may all your wishes come and take care always.

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  10. Ryan, I love the look of your blog, and the content is way worth spending more time on, so I’ll be back. Your sense of humor is lovely — I look for those little gifts in the blogs I read. As an inveterate Grammar Nazi, I hope you will pay lots of attention over time to THOSE little details as well — they count pretty hugely. Of course, that’s what a good editor does for you, but we can’t all keep one on retainer, including me! Carry on, wayward son … ❤

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  11. Hi Luke, good luck with your writing. It’s a hard life but those little successes when they come are so worthwhile. Remember it’s a job like anything else and needs to be worked at, the ropes well and truly learned. Stephen King got hundreds of rejections before he started to find success (mind you, I don’t like his books!). Thanks for looking in on my blog. I’ll keep an eye on yours to see how you get on. Fingers crossed.


  12. Ryan, I was just considering who I should invite as my guest storyteller for April. You can read more about this monthly slot at http://sarahpotterwrites.com/guest-storytellers-2/
    If you’re interested, send me a reply via my blog’s Contact page. I’d need you to email me the stuff by April 1st at the latest, for posting on the 4th. If this is too little time, perhaps you’d like to do something for another month. It would be a good opportunity to showcase your work and see it published elsewhere.
    I know all about rejections, due to my propensity to cross-genre and write exactly what I feel like, rather than trying to second-guess the market. My rejections from literary agents go something like this … “beautifully written, but we’ve no idea which publisher to place this with”.
    Keep going. Publishers like young authors, as they envisage a long career ahead for them, with many books. Poetry is harder to get published than novels, but there are plenty of good competitions into which you can enter individual poems or pamphlets.
    Good luck.


  13. Ryan, I like the tongue in cheek riposte of your About page, and the somewhat vicious somewhat loving self description…I can relate to the process and think your touch was deft, for you made me wince and laugh all at once…

    “I’m much better on paper than in person”

    oh god, aren’t we all, Lord A Mercy, aren’t we all! I really liked that!

    Love, Charissa

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  14. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for following my blog. BTW, I love your idea of submitting work to yourself and sending back glowing letters of acceptance. Your humor will get you far in this World.

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  15. Love the recordings. Nice option. I have been thinking of doing the same myself lately since I have been reading my poetry at Open Mic nights around town (Mid MO, USA).
    Thanks again for the follow!


    • If you want to add the raw audio you have to upgrade your WordPress but it’s easy enough to set up an account on Soundcloud and just add a link to your posts. If you managed to get recordings from the Open Mic nights that’d be even better!


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