Picture Prompt – The Deaf Commute

Listen to the reading here.

The Deaf Commute

Hoods up
Eyes down
Quick Steps
All frowns

Catch your eye?
No chance
Tap phone
Continue, drone

Weave through
Step right
Dash forwards
At the red light

Hurry on
On your morning round
Oblivious, ignorant
to all this sound

From performers
who entertain
through music
in the rain.

Image by Fuad Viento

7 thoughts on “Picture Prompt – The Deaf Commute

  1. What Justina said above . . . Ryan, this has a very compelling syncopation to it that I love. It almost reminded me a little of the “We real cool” poem (are you familiar with it, by Gwendolyn Brooks?). It’s amazing what art forms (including nature itself) we city-goers will pass by on our daily commutes without thinking too deeply or mindfully about them. It’s like that one experiment several years ago, I think it was on the Washington Metro, and maestro Joshua Bell was playing violin and only 1 or 2 people stopped to listen. In any case, a great poem to pair with a great image!


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