Shedding Masks – Poetry Portfolio

Shedding Masks

I know you may tire of all this talk
of masks and filters,
but there’s always a reason behind a mask,
always a face we choose to hide
or a body we keep hidden.

Logging on we let our minds come to life,
our conscious and our personality
free of our physical shackles
to express ourselves
and not our shell.

If anything we take off our masks
of skin and flesh,
free to reveal our core,
our lives, ourselves.

5 thoughts on “Shedding Masks – Poetry Portfolio

  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! It means a lot to me. I am enjoying your poetry. Look forward to reading more. : )


  2. I write poetries simply because there’ s a inner voice needs to be listened:) it needs to be revailed truly ! And I feel reliefed if someone read my poetries. And you? Why you write poetries? Thanks for following my blog, any way…


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