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Are the words we scream at each other
truer than others? Are we honest in our
moments of spontaneity, when our time to respond
is taken away from us and the only right answer
is to answer quickly, without the filter, without all those rules
we follow behind fake smiles and I’m fine’s.
So ingrained in the idea of being English is this politeness,
and despite all the best intentions and well-mannered lies
it’s hard to watch us dragging ourselves through the dirt,
all beaming smiles and filthy handshakes,
standing up and dusting off not a spec of the bullshit we’re covered in
and we think, how nice we are, how kind.

As a victim of all of this, all these rules
disguising so much of ourselves,
I say the crime of the daily lies far outweigh
your opinions, your thoughts
and these should be your words, not mine, so don’t follow,
take in, evaluate and act like a fucking person
not a drone of pleases and thank you’s.

3 thoughts on “YesPleaseThankYou

  1. Good on you, Ryan. You’re a person after my own heart. People can be so two-faced, it’s nauseating. I get so cross if someone is blatantly telling me an untruth, treating me as if I’m some kind of numpty and can’t see through them.
    An excellent poem.


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